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Home Business Opportunities are searched on Google 59 times every day by people looking for a home business. Why? I can only guess because everyone has different reasons. So here goes.

The mighty job does not pay enough for the average worker. CEOs make insane amounts of money and if they stuff it up they get a severance package worth millions of dollars. If the average worker stuffs it up they gets the sack with a couple of weeks pay if they are lucky. That is a real powerful incentive to find not only a good home business opportunity but the best of the best home business opportunities there are.

That is a bit subjective because if you are making money buying MLM business leads for another of the many home business opportunities you may think that you already have the best home based business opportunity so my opinion is irrelevant.

I have found that most Home Business Opportunities are MLM based businesses that require you to buy their MLM business leads. What I have found, basically because I happened to know an honest business man Tom Prendergast, is one of the very few home business opportunities that does not require the purchase of leads. It is called Its Good Business. It requires an investment of time and money but it can certainly make your job redundant but on your choosing and terms. To me it is number one in home business opportunities for 2008. It is not a start up get rich quick home based business, it has been around for seven years plus.

In choosing home business opportunities the business should have been in business for at least five years. Why? Because some 95% plus businesses go broke in their first five years.

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