If you are tired of reporting to work every day, frustrated that you cannot afford the extras you want from life then the advantages of your own Home Business are endless. Most of all, you get a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment as you help other people acquire the knowledge they want -and WILL PAY YOU FOR.

The Direct Response (mail order) industry is one of the most profitable business operations today. You can start a small home business for yourself and make it flourish. You do not have to have experience in running a business. The steps in setting up a mail order business are simple, easy to follow and could reap a steady second income source even to the point of building a highly profitable full time enterprise.

You do not need to give up anything for this home business. All that is required is a minimum expense, your home and a small, but constant amount of your time. You also need the desire to MAKE IT WORK. If you have the perseverance to follow through, the discipline to complete each step, you will be on your way to creating something special for yourself.

Why choose Direct Response? Information can be supplied to your customers by mail in the safety and privacy of their homes. You can have a connection with your customers, they will more than likely listen to recommendations you make which is a plus for you when and if you choose to do affiliate or JV marketing as an additional stream of income for your home business and of course it does not cost much to do.

A mail order home business provides a high profit margin, low operating and overhead, no middlemen. You are the BOSS.

Successful mail order provides specialized knowledge and “How To” ideas. There is a need of information that you probably know or can easily obtain. These ideas can offer inside knowledge that many people need. And you do not have to be an expert to produce and sell that information and make it a home business.

Information is not limited to books and cassettes any more. Information sold for little money and only a few pages might be a wealth of information. If you are really good at what you do, you might even start a newsletter or correspondence course providing ongoing income for years.

How do you know Direct Response works well as a home business? Take a look at the classifieds of your favorite newspaper or magazine. Do you see repeat ads month after month? Those are the winners and your home business can be a winner too.

So to recap – a Direct Response Home Business requires little to start and maintain. Work from home in the comforts of your house, a few stationary supplies and a designated work area. You do not have to write your own ideas; you can JV with others to get your material. Your biggest obstacle is going to be marketing, and for this you must be properly educated on what works and what do not. Use other Direct Response Marketers stuff as a guideline of where to take your business and most of all have fun.

Tania Chin, SOHO Business Owner
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