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The bedside alarm goes… Five minutes later the bedside alarm goes again it’s Monday morning, next minute the house is in an uproar and I am thinking – oh if I could only work for myself in a Home Business? My life would be so much better, far less complicated and nowhere near as stressful. I certainly did after I got sick of that alarm I can tell you. In 1974 I worked in a major hospital, had two children to look after, commuted off of an island, and had a 2 hr trip each way to work. Of course would wake my sleepy little ones and send them off for someone else to raise. Finally one day as I looked into there eyes and how I felt, I said enough is enough. I am going to have a home business. At the time I had no idea where that would lead me in life. I finally made the choice and it has been quite an adventure but a worthwhile one.

Being in a home business is probably something most people think of occasionally, some even act on it. Each man and woman has the ability to work and with dedication, consistent effort, continuing education and choosing wisely, they have the chance for real success. We are a country built on the backs of the little guy. The regular person and often family enterprises are the foundation of this country. We come from many nations and tribes; each bringing our strong desire to care for our families and be strong in our communities. People have for years been working with a Home Business.

The days of brick and mortar business are slowly disappearing, especially retail type industries, and more people are purchasing products and services via the internet. More people are getting tired of being tied to an unsecured future while holding a job. The realization that we need to look for multiple streams of income and residual income for our retirement years is here. Jobs; working for the MAN no longer offers the security our grandfathers experienced.

Doing a simple Google Search on trends for internet sales brought up hundreds of reports. These two are a good examples.

Internet Retail Sales Growth Accelerates in Home Business.

Internet sales growth gained some momentum in the second quarter, increasing by 7.2 percent from the first quarter to a total of $21.1 billion. In the first quarter, sales increased by a more modest 6 percent from the previous quarter. This represents a 26 percent gain in sales from one year ago, compared to a 23 percent gain during the first quarter. Internet sales have grown by more than 20 percent on a year-ago basis in every quarter since the start of 2002…. Internet Sales Growth Bucks Trends from the News Tribune.

E-commerce is clearly the bright spot in retailing, said Scott Silverman, executive director of Shop.org Security. So Home Business is here to stay. It is clear to see that what we have been hearing and sensing about the growth in internet sales of goods, service and information is in fact documented.

Thanks to Bill Gates, the Internet and todays technology thousands of people have turned towards starting a home business and they are using the internet to do so. There can be quite a learning curve and an earning curve but if you choose wisely and surround yourself with a true team effort and a business mentor that you are comfortable with, your odds of success rise greatly. We have some of the best mentoring and training on the Internet. Come and visit our presentation.

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