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A Home Business is so easy to find on google that many people lose focus. They cannot see cheese but their mouth waters. When you are surfing the internet you will find literally thousands of people advertising their home business. Many of these home business opportunities make it appear to the reader to be so extremely easy that a blind man with only one finger can make money online.

The truth is that there are no free lunches. There is knowledge needed. There is always work involved. Many of the opportunities are scams run by dishonest people. A statistic that is not verified showed something like 80% of the opportunities to make money online are scams.

With 80% scams it is no wonder that so many people have never made any money in a home based business. Many people give up after a couple of failures which they rarely tell their spouses.

However if you are persistent eventually you will find a Home Business run by honest business minded people. Then with focus, commitment, learned knowledge and time you will make money online. Focus is important, too many people see an opportunity to make thousands per month in 30 or 60 days and when it fails to materialize they jump ship to the next bright home based business. Time, time and more time is required, no business opportunity is successful immediately.

So once an honest Home Business is chosen then there is marketing knowledge to be learned. Marketing on the internet requires knowledge about advertising, SEO or search engine optimisation for Google, creating leads and auto responders, tracking statistics of visitors to your home based busiess web site, creating a web site that is able to be configured for SEO and the Google spiders (What are Google spiders? Knowledge is required!), blogging, social media, article submission and youtube to mention a few marketing methods.

You can make money online in a home business but as can be seen above it does take effort and persistance.

Michael Hall


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