Do you Use Video to Promote Your Home Business?

The new way to promote your home business is by videos that are fun, easy to create and if done correctly, can be an excellent way to promote any home business program and brand yourself. Branding yourself is a very important part of the marketing process. Over time you will want the public to associate your name with a certain product, service or home business idea. In other words, start branding yourself.

You need to think outside the box and do stuff that other people are not to separate yourself from the millions of others online. There is no better way to make your name and business a household name than by keeping it in front of your potential customers. Remember everyone who sees your home business articles and videos is a potential customer. When you create short videos and submit then to sharing services like You Tube, Google, Yahoo, AOL and others you increase the chances that you and your home business will be noticed.

I think the more powerful is still You Tube. However submitting your video singularly to each video host can be time consuming. I use Tube Mogul when uploading my videos because Tube Mogul will systematically que and upload to each service automatically. This way you can spend less time uploading and more time developing your Home Business ideas for future video uploads.

The one thing to keep in mind when creating your video message make sure that you use a format that is acceptable to all services. Keep your videos to a time of 10 minutes or less and stay on track. It is good idea to plan out a story board before anything else. Set your ideas in a logical order that tells the story that your audience wants to hear but don’t stop there. Sometimes you also need to tell them things they may know but don’t necessarily want to hear such as “buying leads is a waste of money”. I wasted way too much money in the past trying to build my Home Business with leads.

Concentrate on a short title that captures the viewers attention, relevant keyword rich tags and content that informs rather than fluff. By using those elements soon you and your home business could make it to the top of the search engines.

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– “Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value” Albert Einstein –

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