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Home business opportunity is an option for people affected adversely from the economic recession. Major employers are in trouble and looking at downsizing and layoffs to stay solvent. Necessity is the mother of invention and entrepreneurs are the parents of home business opportunity.

So, you have found that home business opportunity. What do you do now? You must learn how to drive a massive amount of traffic to your site. The following tips may be of help. Caution, there are no quick fixes in obtaining top positions on the search engines.

Can you really attract thousands of unique visitors to your web site from scratch? First this is not any magic trick as it is perfectly possible to do this. Next, never under value this visitor turnover as these people are highly motivated and hold the biggest potential to become your future customers. The way I look at it is that these targeted visitors should be taken to some place. Ideally this should be your home business opportunity web site and in case you do not yet own one, it is time to get one put up. With this being said, here are 2 great hints on how to get enormous traffic.

Look For Keywords Which You Can Dominate.

Even if you do not believe in doing a few hours of research a day please hear me out when I say this. One of the things, which you simply cannot avoid, is research for keywords and this should be your number one priority for any home based business website you want to get to the top page or internet search results. The other way of looking at it is to visit forums and research for keywords. Truthfully, for anyone from a novice level to intermediate (if you have less than 2,500 unique traffic hits to your internet site per month) you should go in this direction.

The right kind of time would be about 5 hours a week tracking down for keywords including long tail keywords which you can rule over for a significant period of time. You might want to beg to differ that you can hire someone to do this for you but you know your markets best. Just think about what your prospect will type on-line when they search for answers to their troubles and you can easily come out with more than 100 keywords in no time about home business opportunity.

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