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Home business ideas give people hope for the future. The majority of people want to start a home based business because they are sick of their job, people in the office and working for someone else. They don’t do it because it makes great business sense. They do it because it is something they think they know.

For example if you were a construction worker you might start a construction business because that is what you know. Just because you were a great construction worker does not mean you will be a great owner of a construction business. It requires a different set of skills.

Most often, when people start a construction business they don’t treat it like a real business, they treat it like a JOB. They were use to coming to work and doing what they are told. Now they are the owner (the boss) and this requires them to do different things in different ways.

The same is true with a home business opportunity. Studies indicate that 97% of all home based businesses fail. I don’t agree with that. I believe they just stop trying to build a business; they just gave up because they couldn’t stand the heat, so ?they got out of the kitchen?, so to speak. They didn’t treat their business like a business, but a hobby. You have to realize that if you are serious you must give your full attention and hard work for your home business.

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