Home based business opportunity is a way for people to add to their family income or in some cases to replace it. Many people are choosing to start a business online. Companies who offer affiliate programs will get you started as soon as you have made the commitment to work with their home based business opportunity.

You are working on driving traffic to your home based business opportunity. You have and are working on creating and optimizing your web site for better positioning on Google by creating links and back links, anything that has to do with SEO (search engine optimization). Throughout this process, you are aware and understand that you need content to make all of this work. Content is king they say and that is what all the gurus talk about when you pour yourself into their videos, ebooks, and blogs. I really do not think that is the case however. Why am I saying that?

It is because I believe that “Unique” content is king!!

I look at it from a different perspective. I have played around with SEO for quite awhile now not to mention article writing. I am strictly using Ezine articles to submit my articles to. Earlier this year, I received an email from them stating they had broken the one million barrier. They did that in less than four years. If you think about all of the other article directories out there, it is almost insane how many articles are produced each month or year. That is not to mention all of the article spinners, black hat stuff, paying professionals, etc. etc. You do this awhile and you starting saying to yourself “damn” because there is an awful lot of junk out there.

The point being…There is plenty of crap out there to use and abuse but why use it? There is a better way although it takes more time.

It is my belief that you and I should be writing unique original content of our “own” which is in our “own” words and is written in a way that only we (you or I) can express!

If you are thinking what difference does it make, I can tell you that it makes all of the difference in the world for me. I am one of those hands on type people. I played at being an internet engineer for over 20 years. During that time I participated in numerous training classes. In many I was the trainer and in many I was the trainee! Either way, it was not until I got into the lab and test things out before I would get to that “aha” type moment of clear understanding.

With the home based business opportunity I now work with, it is much the same way. I have many books and videos on SEO and feel I know quite a bit. It is not until I actually apply it and monitor results through the search
engines every day that I can finally say “I understand it now”.

But guess what! I just lied to you. It is not until I began writing articles about SEO and the many other myriad of things in regards to that home based business opportunity that I finally got a level of understanding. Perception and reality are two different things. Even if you hold yourself as an expert authority in any given subject, you will catch yourself having to look and dig for information you thought you were already keen on.

When you write this all down, your level of understanding will go way up! If you are already spending a lot of time with for example, your home based business opportunity, why not “be” the expert? It only makes sense!

What is something else that unique original content can do for you? By writing and learning and submitting your articles into directories like Ezine, you are projecting to your readers that you are the alpha. You know what you are talking about. You can express yourself and teach or instruct others about what you know. During this process of writing articles, in time others will be looking for you and what you have to say. There will be those who are looking to you and because you have clearly shown yourself to be an expert, they will publish your articles. As far as SEO goes, this means more traffic to your site! This kind of traffic becomes high quality leads. People are not so much looking for a business opportunity to get involved with as they are an alpha leader!

I have not seen what I am about to write anywhere but what I propose to you, I believe! it would take too much time to get into specifics on how SEO works but when Google “crawls” your site, or I should say the pages on
the site, they then remove all stop words. All other words and keywords are then indexed. This does include your name.

I believe your name becomes synonymous with your keywords over time. Because your name is associated with your keywords and keyword phrases, I believe your name alone helps with SEO for those words. I can not prove that. It is my gut feeling but from what I have observed, I think this is what happens.

When working with your home based business or any other business opportunity out there on the internet, using “unique” content is the key!

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