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|Legitimate home business| online is a popular way to create a long term residual income. The Internet is a globabl marketplace which can be reached by average everyday people. All it takes is a basic knowledge of online marketing strategies and the commitment to put that knowledge into practice. There is no get rich quick rise to success. It just does not exist but you can get rich with dedicated effort over time and a |legitimate home business|.

Getting your website to the top of the search engines as an SEO consultant should be your top priority overall for building a home based business online. Many people talk about the important of having the proper meta tags, meta descriptions, and domain names etc. for building an SEO optimized website. If you want to get your business opportunity website to the top of the search engines, then you need to pay attention to 2 critical activities.

First, getting your |legitimate home business| website to the top of the search engines is no easy task. So whether you are just starting off or experienced in SEO, don’t listen to all the so called guru’s because in many ways, its very straight forward on the what you need to actually do. If you want to be on page 1 for the keyword category of home based business, then write, write and write more unique and original articles. There is no substitute for original quality content. Afterall, content is king on Google for a reason.

Second, to build a strong and viable web presence for your home based business website, develop back links. Now I am certainly not talking about everyday back links. In fact, many back links will come and go because of the low quality of them. My suggestion is to get back links from quality places like Ezine Articles. They have a page rank of 6, which really doesn’t mean much to SERP, but they have so much new content flowing in everyday, the search engine spiders hover over them probably 24/7.

Now you know the secret to obtaining top page positions on keyword terms like home based business. Its all about writing unique quality content and getting good quality back links. Everything else in my opinion is secondary. Class is over. Start writing today and make sure you change up your articles from each and every place you post your information. Google will reward you in time.

To discover how a team of experienced internet marketers are building as a team utilizing advanced SEO techniques, have a look at what we are doing online with our |legitimate home business|.

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